Pony Club Four Flag Holder Complete | EGUK Tubular Flag

Pony Club Four Flag Holder Complete | EGUK Tubular Flag

The flag race to the extreme... test your accuracy in placing a flag into the Four Flag holder! It is not for the faint-hearted...

The center holder is blue with the rest white, when using this you will need 1 blue flag for the center tube and 4 flags of another colour (white, red or blue). 

The Four Flag Holder Complete (MGA) is also available to use with the Four Flag Holder PC Sleeve Tubes so that you can play both associations games.

The base is similar to the Multi Surface Bending pole base however we have predrilled the holes at the correct angle and depth to ensure that the Product meets the Pony Club rule specifications, each of the tubes is extremely tight to insert for the first time. They are designed to stay in the base and not move! Click here to watch how to insert the tubes.

Dimensions330mm (H) x 265mm (Ø)

Weight4.5 kg

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