Mounted Games Kits

Bank Race Kit

A MGA race to test dexterity and speed to it’s maximum! Manufactured in accordance to MGA rules.The colour choice refers to the 2 cones in the kit, pl... view details

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Fish Race Kit

This kit includes 4 Plastic Fish, 1 Unistick, a Fishhook attachment, a Litter bin, and a 4ft Gibbet. This contains all you need for the Fish Race, all... view details

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5 blue flags and 2 flag cones

Flag Race Kit

The Flag Race kit is the staple diet of any serious mounted games competitor as it is used in the majority of competitions, the flags are supplied in ... view details

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Hurdle Set

For the Hurdle race there are 2 low hurdles that the competitors jump over and 2 high hurdles that the competitors crawl under without dislodging the ... view details

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Mug Kit

This consists of 5 enamel mugs with tape around the top for easy identification. These are used for a variety of races or for drinking from after prac... view details

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Postman's Kit

Race kit containing one Postman's Sack (cotton sack) suitable for putting a variety of articles inside, made from tough cotton in dark blue and 4 Post... view details

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Sock ball Set

5 socks available in a set sewn at each end so they withstand the rigours of competition. Each sock measures approximately 75mm in length and 50mm in ... view details

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