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Mounted Games videos

The videos show what equipment you need and riders demonstrate how to complete each race. There are lots of rules to conform to in both The Pony Club and Mounted Games Association races and we would advise you to contact the applicable organisation for further information. We hope to extend our video catalogue to eventually cover all the races that we supply equipment for so watch this space!

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Ball and Bucket, Ball and Flag, Ball and Racquet,

Beanbag and Table (Senior), Beanbag and Table (Junior), Bending (Senior), Bending (Junior)

Bottle, Equi-Trek Pyramid, Fishing

2 Flag, 4 Flag, 5 Flag

Grooms, Hurdles, 2 Mug

3 Mug, 5 Mug, Litter, Old Sock

Junior Old Sock, Pony Club Pole, Post Box, Postman's

Pyramid, Quoits and Cone (Senior), Quoits and Cone (Junior), Rope

Sack, Spell Equi-Trek Senior, Spell Equi-Trek Junior, Stepping Stones

Sword, Tack Shop, Tennis Ball Shuffle (Senior), Tennis Ball Shuffle (Junior) , Tyre


Event videos - watch this space more to follow!

Stable Sign - How to create your unique stable sign!