Picture of Multi Surface Bending Pole

Multi Surface Bending Pole

£24.99 incl VAT
Product Specifications
ColourYellow and Red Pole with Black Heavy base
Dimensions1360mm (L) x 260mm (W) x 260mm (D)
Product CodeQMSBP
Weight5.3 kg

Product description

***JANUARY 2021 - Unfortunately our stock levels of the base (SK01PB) are very low and due to the current climate the lead times on these have doubled (without warning!) which will leave us out of stock until the end of January. ****

This is supplied with a 5kg base and will stand in an indoor school or artificial surface without causing any damage. The pole is inserted into the base and can be removed, please note that this is not transferable to the normal bending pole.

This product appears in the following races; Junior and Senior Bending Pole Race,  Ball and Racquet RaceTennis Ball Shuffle Race, Rope Race, Postman's Race, Grooms Race, Two Mug Race and the Five Mug Race.