Picture of Bending Pole

Bending Pole

£9.99 incl VAT
Product Specifications
ColourYellow with Red end caps
Dimensions1535 mm (L) x 118 mm (W) x 35 mm (D)
Product CodeQBPPL
Weight0.58 kg

Product description

These are now accepted by the relevant bodies for games use and have become top sellers because of their inherent properties: Safety - These bending poles have a higher impact break point than the wooden bending poles and, more importantly, when they do break they do not shear causing a sharp point that could damage a child or pony, instead they tend to buckle. Maintenance - No painting, just wipe clean or occasionally use a PVC cleaner.

This product appears in the following races; Junior and Senior Bending Pole Race,  Ball and Racquet RaceTennis Ball Shuffle Race, Rope Race, Postman's Race, Grooms Race, Two Mug Race and the Five Mug Race.