Picture of 2017 Junior Area Games Kit

2017 Junior Area Games Kit

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Product description

The 2017 Junior Area Games Kit includes the equipment* you need to train for the Junior competitions.

The Junior kit contains:-
5 Bending poles, 1 Baton, 2 Mugs, 5 Socks, 1 Nest pan, 2 Junior bottles, 2 Litter Bins, 4 Flags, 3 Flag Cones, 1 Ball Cone, 5 Tennis Balls. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LITTER BIN WITH TABLE TOP IS NOW A BLACK BIN WITH A RED TOP.

The Senior Supplement Kit of 2 Bottles, 4 Containers (for the Pyramid Race) , 3 Mugs and 1 Flag completes the Area Games Kit for both age groups.

*Please note we do not supply the following equipment: tyre and bucket. We DO now sell Quoits!