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Bridle Numbers

£1.00 incl VAT
Product Specifications
Dimensions90mm (Diameter) x 0.8mm (D)
ColoursWhite sign and a range of graphic colours
Product CodeSK01BM
WeightPer Bridle Number is 0.004kg

Product description

Design Bridle Numbers personalised to your event - or not! Avoid having to order bridle numbers in quantities of 50 or more by uploading your class list and ordering what you need for your event.

Step 1: Design your bridle number - remove any unwanted text, change the colours of backgrounds and text until you are happy. Leave the text that will be 'variable' untouched - variable text is the data that will be different on each bridle number such as the number itself, and the Rider's Name, Horse's Name etc. Static text such as the Outer text on the left and right can be part of your design, or deleted as necessary.

Step 2: Click on batch - you will need a .csv file ready to upload (see below on how to set the file up), and work through the 3 stages before previewing the first 5 of your list.

What is a .csv file and how do I create one? Click here to find out!