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Picture of 2022 Junior Area Games Kit

2022 Junior Area Games Kit

Bending pole choice:
£310.00 incl VAT

Product description

The 2022 Junior Area Games Kit includes the equipment you need to train for the Junior competitions.

The Junior kit contains:-

5 Bending poles OR 5 multi surface bending poles with bases, 1 Baton, 2 Mugs, Stepping stone set, 2 Litter Bins, rope, 4 Flags, 3 Flag Cones, 4 Quoits, Set of 8 Boules, 2 BR Bottles. 

The 2022 Junior games:

Bending, 2 Mug, PG Sports Quoit and Bottle, Biffa Waste Services stepping stones, Rope, Hollywood bowl, Four flag (3 cones). The spare race is the 2 flag.

There is no senior supplement kit this year as it is not required.