Clearance Course Marker Kits

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£75.00 incl VAT
40% Discount whilst Stocks last!
Product Specifications
Type of KitBasic, Advanced
Advanced Kit Includes1-25, 5 x 'A', 5 x 'B', 3 x 'C', Start and Finish
Basic Kit Includes1-20, 3 x 'A', 3 x 'B', 2 x 'C'
Kit Dimensions600mm (L) x 400mm (W) x 280mm (D)
Weight of Kit6 kg for Basic kit and 7 kg for Advanced Kit

Product description

**Whilst stocks last**40% discount**     **Whilst stocks last**40% discount**LAST FEW KITS REMAINING AVAILBLE IN GREEN

Clearance Course Markers either individual or kits in Blue, Green and Red. These markers are the self coloured, they are our previous designs, so they are identical to the current white course markers except the colour!! Yet at a massive 40% discount (no other discounts apply!).  LIMITED GREEN STOCK LEFT

The Advanced Kit  comprises of :- 1-25 numbers, 5 x Letter 'A', 5 x Letter 'B', 3 x Letter 'C', Start and Finish all supplied in the Course Marker Storage Box.
And the Basic Kit comprises of :- 1-20 numbers, 3 x Letter 'A', 3 x Letter 'B' and 2 x Letter 'C' all supplied in the Course Marker Storage Box.