Picture of Trec Poles

Trec Poles

Height of Post *
£9.49 incl VAT
Product Specifications
Dimensions1750mm or 2250mm (H) x 35mm (W) x 35mm (D)
Height of Pole1.75m, 2.25m
Weight0.626 kg

Product description

A combination of the Event pole and Roping post results in a Trec Pole! Available in two heights they are capped at the top end with a smooth cap and at the bottom with a spike and footplate. It is freestanding in grass and can be used to mark obstacles and routes but not jumping elements. Like the Event pole they are made from a UPVC material and can be topped with a Single Point Flag and Course Markers can be attached, they are designed if sufficient force is placed on them to buckle.

We are offering 2 different lengths for this Pole - 1.75m and 2.25m 

Through the cross section these poles measure 35mm by 35mm with a 10mm radius on the corner.