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2021 Junior Area Games Kit

Bending pole choice:
£326.99 incl VAT
Product Specifications
Product CodeQAJK21
Weight of KitPlease see individual products for weight

Product description

The 2021 Junior Area Games Kit includes the equipment you need to train for the Junior competitions.

The Junior kit contains:-
5 Bending poles OR 5 multi surface bending poles with bases, 1 Baton, 3 Mugs, 5 Socks, 1 Tyre, 1 Multi pan, 2 Junior bottles (different shape to the ones in the picture, please click here to see the current design), 2 Litter Bins, 5 Flags, 2 Flag Cones, 1 Tennis Ball, 1 Pyramid Tub, 1 Quoit. 

The 2021 Junior games are the same as the 2020:

Bending, Mug changes, Tyre, Bottle, Old Sock, PG Sports Equipment Jumble, 5 Flag and the spare race is the 2 Flag.

The Senior Supplement Kit of 2 Bottles, 1 Rope, 1 Tennis Ball and 2 Ball cones completes the Area Games Kit for both age groups.