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Bending poles

04 November 2019

Here at Sportsmark we aim to produce quality products and affordable prices and to maintain this we have been developing our bending poles. Due to price increases from a supplier yet a drop in quality we have moved to a new supplier. The change has meant that our poles are made a lot closer to home reducing the mileage that they have to travel. The bending poles are now manufactured to a high quality with a better shape, whilst keeping the price consistent. 

Bending poles work with bending pole attachments and due to our previous supplier not producing consistent extrusions the knockon effect is that the bending pole attachments manufactured up to November 2019 may not fit Bending poles made from November 2019. Bending pole attachments made from November 2019 fit Bending poles made at any time. So if you have some old attachments and buy new poles (from November 2019) then you may find that the attachments will not fit. We apologise for this.