2023 Junior Area Games Kit

2023 Junior Area Games Kit

The 2023 Junior Area Games Kit includes the equipment you need to train for the Junior competitions.

The Junior kit contains:- 

5 Bending poles OR 5 multi-surface bending poles with bases, 1 Baton, 2 Mugs, 2 Litter Bins, 5 Flags, 2 Flag Cones, 4 Quoits, 2 Junior  Bottles, Ball cone, Tennis Balls (5), PG Sports Pyramid tubs, Boules, Tyre. 

The 2023 Junior games:

Bending, Biffa Waste Services Quoit and Cone, 2 Mug, Tyre, Hollywood bowl Bottle, PG Sports Pyramid, 5 Flag. The spare race is the Ball and Flag.

The 2023 Senior games also require a set of Stepping stones and 2 BR Bottles: their games are as follows:-

Bending, Biffa Waste Services Quoits and Cone, Mug Changes, Tyre, Hollywood Bowl Bottle, PG Sports Pyramid, Stepping Stones, 5 Flag and the spare is Ball and Flag.

**Please note that the litter bin with table top now has a white table top.**

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